Having troubles with small cavities inspection? New PCBP and PCHI OPTICS are the solution!

Posted on September 16, 2020 by


PCBP and PCHI series

Inspecting holes and cavities is a challenging task which needs to be solved in many different industries, such as food and beverage, pharma and automotive.

PCBP Series

We have added the new PCBPN013 boroscopic probe for inspecting small cavities from the inside, down to 5.5 mm available with or without integrated illumination and the new PCBP023 lens for 5 Mpx cameras.


PCBP application

PCBPN013 application example


PCHI Series

We have added PCHI023-AF, hole inspection lens for inside inspection of cavities down 10 mm with a built-in liquid lens module for fast and reliable diameter changes, and the new PCHI023-MF that improves the manual focusing mechanism with a more user-friendly “FFL-like” lockring.


PCHI application

PCHI023-AF application example


To receive more information about PCHI SERIES, PCBP SERIES and our range of 360° OPTICS, please contact our sales engineers.

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