New telecentric lenses for HIGH SPEED and HIGH RESOLUTION 360° metrology and inspection

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There are many situations where both inspection and measurement need to take place, possibly with a 360° view on the object: cables, syringes, needles and many small mechanical parts just to name a few.
The perfect choice to solve these applications is the TCCAGE optics, now coming with:

  • High resolution models up to 1.1” and 4/3” sensors
  • Stronger illumination power (>100 W strobed only)

TCCAGE is an integrated optomechanical system designed to inspect and measure parts from the side without any need of rotation.

tccage drawing

Four perpendicular views of an object are provided by a bitelecentric lens through an array of mirrors.


Higher resolution and speed

Small defects can only be detected when covered by a number of pixels sufficient to give the right amount of contrast. That’s why we introduced new models covering high resolution detectors up to 1.1″ and 4/3″.

Speed is also a key factor in many production lines where inspection takes place at many thousands of pieces per hour: powerful illumination is key to obtain clear images in such conditions. That’s why we introduced new models with exceptionally powerful, strobe-only illuminators.

To receive more information about TCCAGE SERIES and our range of 360° OPTICS please contact our sales engineers.

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