Opto Engineering® designs and manufactures optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers.
Nowadays Opto Engineering® is regarded as one of the most qualified world suppliers of machine vision optics; its continuous focusing in the development of telecentric technologies has made Opto Engineering® The Telecentric Company®.


Opto Engineering® is the merging of old craftsmanship still needed for precision optics and fresh, innovative concepts and technologies. For Opto Engineering®, “innovation” means smart design and engineering as well as a business model targeting at excellent quality/price ratios and at the fastest response to the market demands. People in our company bring their expertise to continuously improve our unique project development protocol in which optics, mechanics, manufacturing and system integration are always taken into account at every stage of the process.
Opto Engineering® does not intend to supply all the products the market is supposed to need, just to seize further sales opportunities: we are in fact committed to satisfying customers with the specific products and technologies that offer a real added value in terms of enhanced performances, unique optical features and competitive prices. Opto Engineering® is a pure manufacturer and not a sales company: every Opto Engineering® branded product is the result of our own concepts and our passion for new optics development.

Management and Ethics

Opto Engineering® pays outmost attention to its partners and human resources. Opto Engineering® operates worldwide: sales are supported by the most valued distributors in every territory and manufacturing processes benefits from a international network of suppliers carefully selected for each technology.
Opto Engineering® pays great attention to quality control management by continuously investing in the development of testing instrumentation and personnel training: as a result, we haven’t received any complaints about the optical quality of our Telecentric Lenses in four years.
Opto Engineering® also invests in its people, who are committed to supporting the continuous improvement of all the key aspects of the company business through their skills and ideas.
Our fairness in managing relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers is made even stronger by our strategy and actions which are not simply addressed to turnover or profit increase. We rather put our focus on creating “value” by first developing and improving our products and processes, then sharing this value with our customers or partners and finally returning the benefits of our job to the network we are a part of. On such basis, we keep establishing successful human and business relationships all over the world.

For all these reasons Opto Engineering® has become the partner of choice in high-end optical applications for many of the major machine vision companies worldwide.

Claudio Sedazzari
(Founder and President)

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