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EXE online training: Horus Software course

November 13, 2020


In this training you’ll get to know its ease of use and flexibility, the built-in communication with external devices (camera, strobe controller, motor controller), the possibility of customization of graphics, algorithms, and IT structures interfacing (SCADA, DBs…) and how all this makes Horus the best option for metrology machines and applications.

EXE online training: Optics and Illumination course

November 12, 2020


In this basic course you will learn how to select the correct components and how to extend the service life of your illumination, helping you to decrease operational costs. The course will be taught by Davide Soresina, technical support specialist of Opto Engineering®.

Join us for the International Vision Solutions Conference

November 5, 2020


We are pleased to announce that Opto Engineering® will join the International Vision Solution Conference, a two-day online conference, where you will have the opportunity to speak with our Tech Support Specialists and our Area Managers about any new applications or projects you have in mind.

EXE Online Training: FabImage Software Course

November 3, 2020


In this half-day training course, you’ll learn the basics of FabImage, how to put together basic but yet 100% functioning machine vision applications. The course will be taught by Gaetano Panagia, technical support specialist of Opto Engineering.

Impegno e Ottimismo: Filippo ora è nel team Opto

October 31, 2020


Quale finale migliore per una storia così bella? Ieri, venerdì 30 Ottobre 2020, l’azienda Opto Engineering, rappresentata da Hilenja De Lillo e Daniele Badalotti, ha firmato un patto di fiducia con Filippo Molani: un contratto a tempo indeterminato, una tappa importante per lui e per il suo percorso di autonomia ma anche per noi ai […]

Lighting and Telecentric Optics Kits for your Machine Vision Lab

October 30, 2020


Every machine vision lab needs a wide variety of lenses and illuminators to perform feasibility tests and our kits are the perfect solution for that…and the icing on the cake is that they come at a very special price! Take advantage of Opto Engineering®’s Lighting and Telecentric optics kits to equip your machine vision lab […]

The perfect telecentric lenses and illuminators for every application

October 21, 2020


Telecentric lenses are the preferred solution in many machine vision applications: whether there is a precise measurement to be performed or a thick object to inspect avoiding any perspective errors, these optics are the ideal choice.

New telecentric lenses for HIGH SPEED and HIGH RESOLUTION 360° metrology and inspection

October 2, 2020


There are many situations where both inspection and measurement need to take place, possibly with a 360° view on the object: cables, syringes, needles and many small mechanical parts just to name a few.

Having troubles with small cavities inspection? New PCBP and PCHI OPTICS are the solution!

September 16, 2020


Inspecting holes and cavities is a challenging task which needs to be solved in many different industries, such as food and beverage, pharma and automotive.

We offer imaging solutions for every business

September 4, 2020


Opto Engineering is your partner for machine vision applications with laboratories equipped to perform feasibility studies all over the world.