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Opto Engineering PCMP Series recognized with Top Innovation 2022 award by inVISION

January 20, 2022


We are glad to announce that our PCMP Series was selected by a jury of experts as one of the ten most innovative products and received the inVISION Top Innovation 2022 award.

Happy Holidays! Discover Italy with Opto Engineering!

December 22, 2021


We are very excited to announce today Opto Engineering’s new game release for all machine vision gamer fans.

Thank you all for choosing Opto Engineering again!

December 7, 2021


We are very grateful to you for choosing Opto Engineering every day for the past 20 years.

Lighting and Telecentric Optics Kits for your machine vision lab

December 1, 2021


OE kits are the perfect solution for everyone dealing with machine vision applications that require testing with different types of lights and optics.

Telecentric lenses for the inspection of microplates

November 25, 2021


Telecentric lenses are the perfect solution for the inspection of microplates, widely employed in the life science and biomedical industries.

Led Line light 50 mm – LTNC series

September 2, 2021


Opto Engineering LTLNC series are LED line illuminators designed for line scan application.

Syringe & needle inspection

August 25, 2021


Syringes are inspected at a full 360° to check for possible incorrect cap placements or bent needles. TC CAGE lenses allow to obtain four orthonormal views in a single image that is then processed by a dedicated vision software.

FabImage software: discover the power of the new Deep Learning

August 6, 2021


Software technology is constantly improving and Opto Engineering is at leading edge of innovation. The new version of FabImage machine vision software is now available with the revolutionary Deep Learning tools.

Register for our presentation at Vision Spectra Conference

July 14, 2021


Opto Engineering will take part in the Vision Spectra Conference, 20-22 July 2021, with a presentation about Integrating Telecentric Optics for Machine Vision presented by Mr Gaetano Panagia, Technical support manager USA.

Telecentric lenses for the inspection of stators in electric engines

June 26, 2021


The application consists in the top-down inspection of the stator to perform an accurate measurement of the distances between the various parts and to search for any defects in the winding process of copper wires around the iron cores.