LTLNE series: 300 mm direct and coaxial LED line lights

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LTLNE series

We are proud to introduce Opto Engineering® all-new line lights LTLNE series designed for linescan applications such as transparent films or glass inspection and detection of dents on metal sheets.

Key Advantages

  • 300 mm active area
  • 3 types of projection lenses: near field focusing (N), far field focusing (F), collimated (C)
  • 3 opto-mechanical configurations: lens only, coaxial illumination (CX) or with 45° mirror (MR)
  • 2 cooling methods and power intensities: passive 2 Amps / 50W, active (fan cooled) 4 Amps /100W
  • Optional diffusive sheet (D) for illumination uniformity

LTLNE features

LTLNE series are LED line illuminators featuring 300mm active area. LTLNE are available in three opto-mechanical versions:

  • basic configuration with condensing lens;
  • as coaxial line lights;
  • integrating a 45° mirror

LTLNE are supplied with different light angles/focusing distances:

  • near field (10 – 100 mm) or far field (100 – 200 mm) focused with converging rays
  • collimated working at a distance between 10 and 200 mm

Application examples include:

LTLNE applications

To receive more information about LTLNE series and our full range of LED illuminators contact our sales engineers.

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