LTLNM series: Flicker free high power linescan lights

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LTLNM Series

We are proud to introduce Opto Engineering all-new line lights LTLNM series designed for linescan applications such as fabrics and web inspection. These lights are flicker-free to ensure very constant illumination and repeatable acquisition in demanding applications with reduced exposure times (tens of µs).

Key advantages

  • Emitting surface up 2 meters in 200 mm increments
  • 3 types of projection lenses: near field focusing (N), far field focusing (F), collimated (C).
  • 3 Amps / 72 W per module
  • Flicker free built-in controller
  • Dimming and enable signal
  • Optional diffusive sheet (D) for superior illumination uniformity

LTLNM series: details

LTLNM can be easily dimmed through an analogue signal, feature an enable PIN and fans to dissipate the generated heat.
LTLNM are available with an emitting surface up 2 meters in 200 mm increments and are supplied with different light angles/focusing distances:

  • near field (10 – 100 mm) or far field (100 – 200 mm) focused with converging rays;
  • collimated working at a distance between 10 and 200 mm.

An optional diffusive sheet can be integrated in any model to obtain the best illumination uniformity.  Custom sizes and colors upon request. Application examples include:

LTLNM series: applications

To receive more information about LTLNM series and our full range of LED illuminators please contact our sales engineers.

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