New Infrared LED backlights

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A wide range of infrared backlights is now available from Opto Engineering®.

Infrared LED Backlights
We have expanded our range of standard backlights by adding infrared models to our LT2BC and LTBP series.
LT2BC series are high uniformity continuous backlights while LTBP series are high power strobe only LED backlights design for high speed applications.

Key advantages

LTBP & LT2BC series

LTBP & LT2BC series

  • 36 sizes of backlights with active areas from 36×48 to 288×216 mm
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Compact design with reduced thickness
  • Test report with measured uniformity
  • Suitable for frequent cleaning
  • Available in red, white, green and blue and now also infrared


To receive more information about LT2BC and LTBP series please contact our sales engineers.

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