Discover Opto Engineering new high resolution telecentric lenses

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Providing excellent optical performance while maximizing incoming light and resolution is one of the biggest challenges in today’s machine vision applications.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we at Opto Engineering have introduced the new TC4MHRP and TC4MHRP CORE series models featuring larger optical aperture and therefore higher resolution. These brand-new optics designed for 4/3″ sensors offer low distortion, unmatched performance and homogeneous image quality. Thanks to it TC4MHRP lenses are the perfect choice to solve advanced metrology applications.

These new models are available in both classic and innovative ultra-compact CORE designs to ensure easy integration into any industrial environment.

New TC4MHRP models at a glance

TC4MHR series

  • Magnifications ranging from 0.059x to 4x
  • C, F and J (M42x1 FD 12) mount options
  • Simple and robust design
  • Easy phase adjustment

TC4MHR CORE series

  • Magnifications ranging from 0.143x to 0.366x
  • C, F and J (M42x1 FD 12) mount options
  • Extremely compact form factor
  • Easy phase adjustment

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