Order now the biggest telecentric lenses and lights ever made by Opto Engineering

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Measuring big components is anything but easy and we at Opto Engineering are perfectly aware of this. That’s why, thanks to our 20 years’ experience in the world of machine vision, we developed the biggest telecentric lenses and illuminators ever made by Opto Engineering specifically designed to measure big components.

With their large field of view, our high-performance giants make the measurement of larger samples possible: the 417 mm front lens allows you to accurately measure the object without the need to move it and ensures excellent resolution, low distortion and measurement accuracy.

Opto Engineering’s biggest telecentric lenses and illuminators are now available for sale in different formats with various mounting options.

Key advantages

  • Wide image circle for large sensors up to 43.3 mm;
  • Excellent resolution and low distortion;
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments;
  • Detailed test report with certified parameters.
  • Complete light coupling;
  • Border effects removal;
  • Improved field depth and telecentricity;
  • Detailed homogeneity test report with measured values.

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