Led Line light 50 mm – LTNC series

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We have expanded our range of standard LED line lights by adding a new model of 50 mm length illumination area to our LTLNC series.

LTLNC series are LED line illuminators designed for line scan applications. Their special design provides both a powerful and uniform beam of light that is sharply focused onto the object being inspected, by means of a condenser lens.

These line lights can also be positioned at a very low angle with respect to the camera axis (close to 90°) to effectively illuminate in dark field mode surface features such as small scratches, bumps or edges.

You can also combine four of these lights positioned around the object and activate them sequentially for Shape from Shading (SFS) applications.

The new model is available in red, blue, green, white and infrared 850 nm

Key advantages

  • Condenser lens for a perfectly focused beam of light;
  • 4 sizes: 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm length;
  • M8 4 PIN connector;
  • Available in white, blue, green, red and infrared;
  • Forced air cooling option;

Application examples

Application examples of our LED line lights include:

To receive more information about LTLNC series please contact our sales engineers.

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