EXE online training: Optics and Illumination training class

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EXE online training - Optics and Illumination course

In this basic course you will learn how to select the correct components and how to extend the service life of your illumination, helping you to decrease operational costs. The course will be taught by Davide Soresina, technical support specialist of Opto Engineering®.

Target Audience

People new to the machine vision who need to plan, design or use machine vision systems; no prior machine vision knowledge is required.
Machine Vision engineers who would like to review some basics concepts on optics and lighting.


  • Introduction to the basics of industrial optics and illumination technology;
  • Strategies to select the most suitable illumination;
  • Selection of suitable optics and their calculation, optical errors, challenges in measuring;
  • Use and application of optical filters, lasers and flash controllers;
  • Application cases.

REGISTER NOW: https://www.opto-e.com/exe/training-classes/optics-and-illumination-basics-for-machine-vision

Each participant will receive the training material in advance. The price includes training documents, a certificate of participation and an individual appointment with our application engineers to discuss your application.

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