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Horus software training

In this training you’ll get to know its ease of use and flexibility, the built-in communication with external devices (camera, strobe controller, motor controller), the possibility of customization of graphics, algorithms, and IT structures interfacing (SCADA, DBs…) and how all this makes Horus the best option for metrology machines and applications. The course will be taught by Daniele Ulivi, technical support specialist of Opto Engineering®.

Target Audience

  • People new to the machine vision who need to plan, design or use machine vision systems. No prior machine vision knowledge is required.
  • Machine Vision engineers who would like to review some basics concepts on metrology and discover a new and versatile software solution for their metrology applications.


    • Introduction to Horus, typical applications, main features and how it can be integrated in a software solution;
    • First steps: how to create a project and measure an object or part, general workflow to create an application;
    • Examples of advanced tasks: add-ons (gear measurement), threads and scripts;
    • Calibration tools: how to increase your performances working on the optical setup;
    • System integration of the software and possible customizations;
    • Basics of illumination and optics for metrology.

REGISTER NOW: https://www.opto-e.com/exe/register-now?id=Horus

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