The perfect telecentric lenses and illuminators for every application

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Telecentric lenses are the preferred solution in many machine vision applications: whether there is a precise measurement to be performed or a thick object to inspect avoiding any perspective errors, these optics are the ideal choice.

Telecentric lenses and illuminators

Opto Engineering® offers the most complete range of telecentric lenses on the market that answers all your needs: standard or high resolution, area scan or line scan, classic shaped or ultra-compact, not to mention all our specialty lenses and custom lens designs.


Furthermore, we know very well that choosing the right illumination is just as important as selecting the proper lens. When dealing with dimensional measurements where accuracy, repeatability and high throughput are key factors, telecentric illuminators cannot be matched in terms of performances. For this reason, Opto Engineering® offers a complete range of collimated lights for any kind of machine vision applications.

With almost 20 years of experience certifying the quality and high performance of its optics, OPTO ENGINEERING® is the world leader in telecentric technology.

We are known as THE TELECENTRIC COMPANY for a reason… It is part of our DNA!

Opto Engineering® is as well the creator of many other optical products which helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible.

Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies.
Today OPTO ENGINEERING® is also a primary supplier of advanced LED illuminators, imaging software, cameras and artificial intelligence units. While we transform our know-how and ideas into added-value products and services for our customers, we stay true to our “Optics DNA”: our constant drive is to deliver increasingly more advanced OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.

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