The situation in Italy is not at all dramatic!

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Dear Customers and Partners,
I wish to inform you personally that the situation in Italy is not at all dramatic. 

Claudio Sedazzari

Claudio Sedazzari

Few Italian areas are currently kept in quarantine, but this does not affect the continuity of our business.
Opto Engineering is regularly at work like many other Italian companies.
Our headquarters in Mantua, the commercial office in Milan and our JVs (Oesum and Tielogic) are all regularly at work and all are taking the necessary precautions required by the region to which they belong.
It is probable that, for some time, we will have to live with this situation, not only in Italy but all over the world.
This means living the day to day life as normally as possible, starting from work, without panicking.
It is certainly essential to adhere to all common sense measures suggested by the health authorities of your country, just as we are doing in Opto Engineering.
We have taken all precautions to face the next few weeks without fear. We have no intention to interrupt nor to slow down our business.


Claudio Sedazzari, CEO and President of Opto Engineering

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