New analogue and digital lighting controllers

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New Light Intensity Controllers

We are proud to introduce Opto Engineering® all-new models of lighting controllers from LTIC series designed to control LED lights featuring up to 4Amps in continous and pulsed mode.
Lights can be switched on and off through a 0-24V enable input and the light intensity can be adjusted either via the provided knob, through a 0-10V analog signal or via the Ethernet / RS485 interface.

Key features

  • Analogue or Digital version;
  • Light intensity adjustment via knob / analog signal / RS485 or Ethernet (via Modbus communication protocol)
  • Easy configuration interface via web browser (digital version, LTIC1CH-D1-4);
  • Current up to 4A in continuous/pulsed mode;
  • 0-24V Enable input to turn on/off the light;
  • 0-10V dimming input for current control;
  • Automatic shut down in case of overheating when used with compatible lights integrating a thermal sensor including High power ringlights LTRNOBHP models and Direct and Coaxial LED
  • line lights LTLNE models;
  • 0-24V output to power the cooling fans of the connected light (available for LTLNE models, direct and coaxial LED line lights);
  • 0-24V fault output to signal overheating or fault conditions in controller or light;
  • Status LEDs for Power, Enable or Fault conditions.

To receive more information about LTIC series and our range of LED illuminators and pattern projectors please contact our sales engineers.

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