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Opto Engineering® is pleased to announce an important change in its Sales Department. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen the Global Sales Force. We have chosen to lead this department not one but two individuals that have distinguished themselves for their personal and professional achievements: Alena Verameyeva will oversee the Business Development, while Andrea Cartioli will manage the Sales Team.
We’d like to congratulate both Andrea and Alena for their new assignment and we wish them both the best of luck.

Alena Verameyeva - Opto Engineering

Alena holds an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages. She is fluent in Italian, German, English, Russian and Belarusian. In 2009 she was hired by Opto Engineering® to fill a telemarketing position. Later on, Alena took over sales positions, supporting North American, Italian, Northern European and East European customers.
In between 2013 and 2016, Alena was responsible for most of the German market, developing the market very effectively. Even today many of Opto Engineering® most valuable German customers were developed during Alena’s time and she is still regarded as one of Opto Engineering® all-time best salespeople. She later accepted the assignment of Product Manager for the Telecentric Lenses, managing very successfully the growth of the company core products.

Andrea Cartioli - Opto Engineering

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Business Administration. In 2015, after his first sales experience in the UK, he was hired by Opto Engineering® as a sales manager supporting successfully several Western European markets as well as the UK market.
Early in 2017 Opto Engineering® decided to implement a new development proposal submitted by Andrea, setting up a business unit in Milan that had an immediate positive impact on the company’s sales. He was soon given the responsibility to grow and improve this unit. The Milan office currently has four outside sales people, one inside sales, a tech support and a fully equipped test lab. In these years Andrea has proven to have very strong sales skills as well as talent in coaching and a great familiarity with numbers. Under his leadership, the business unit in Milan has kept growing in 2019 and has increased sales by 25% year over year, following a very well-organized sales process, that will likely be rolled out to all Opto Engineering®’s Sales Teams worldwide.

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