TCLIB Suite – Unmatched measurement repeatability on your telecentric setup

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We present TCLIB Suite, a user-friendly software tool and library which will help you to make the most out of your system:

  • A dedicated live tool providing information on lens-light alignment and how to correct it.
  • A dedicated live recursive algorithm to align optical axis and object plane.
  • A dedicated live tool to make sure the system is at its best focus.
  • An innovative, fast and accurate library to remove residual distortion from your system.

Distorsion map

TCLIB Suite offers tools to help you solving the following issues:


“We tested the result of using TCLIB Suite to optimize different sets of possible telecentric systems.” Reaching the micron repeatability is possible even on large fields of view, provided an optimized setup.

Contact us: we can’t wait to help you reaching your vision goals!

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