#behappybeopto Welcome 2019!

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2018 was a year of great expansion and to celebrate this success, a worthy location was needed!

Opto Engineering® organized its end-of-the-year event at Museo Nicolis in Villafranca (VR), winner for the category Museum of the year during The Historic Motoring Awards 2018 in London.

Opto Engineering® and Museo Nicolis share the importance of being ambassadors of Italian innovation worldwide.

On December 21st 120 colleagues from the HQ in Italy and subsidiaries abroad joined the Be Happy Be Opto Event during which the team experienced a Gospel music training thanks to our friends of Team Building Experience. Cooperation is essential in a Gospel choir and is a key aspect also for a Company.

Opto Engineering® was able to reach big goals thanks to the cooperation of the whole international team and partners.

Like every year, Opto Engineering® decided to support a charity project in providing the traditional gifts to all employees: this year we chose Emergency.

Last but not least, all the colleagues with 5 or 10 years of seniority within the Company got a special Made in Italy gift.

We closed the year with great energy, and that same energy will accompany us throughout this 2019!

And remember, be happy be Opto!

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