New Led Projector patterns for 3D vision applications

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LED Projector Pattern

Opto Engineering is pleased to announce that it has enlarged its standard offer of interchangeable PROJECTION PATTERNS for LED PROJECTORS.  It now includes three new CLOUD OF DOTS PATTERNS specifically suitable for STEREO VISION applications:



Stereo vision is an increasing popular technique that extracts 3D information from images acquired by two or more cameras capturing the object from two distinct point of views. Industrial applications include:

  • Quality inspection and position recognition of 3D objects
  • Robot guidance
  • 3D mapping


Besides projection patterns, Opto Engineering offers a complete range of products to solve your 3D VISION applications, whether it’s stereo vision, 3D profilometry or alignment:

Led Projectors

Full range of LED PROJECTORS compatible with any C-mount optics ensuring sharper edges and more homogeneous illumination than lasers (no SPECKLE), including a special tiltable version.


Full range of interchangeable PATTERNS (custom patterns available upon request).

Fixed Focal Lenght Lenses

Full range of FIXED FOCAL LENGHT LENSES to be mounted on LED projectors or to be used for image acquisition.

Macro and Telecentric Lenses

MACRO and TELECENTRIC LENSES with Scheimpflug adjustment.

Industrial Cameras


Software and Libraries

Machine vision SOFTWARE and LIBRARIES.

Contact our sales engineers to select the right combination of products for your 3D vision application!

Are you struggling with 3D vision? Don’t worry! Send us your test parts and describe your vision challenge: we will perform tests in our fully equipped laboratories located in Italy (Mantova), Germany (Munich), US (Huston), China (Shanghai), Taiwan (Taipei City) and help you select the right combination of products to solve your 3D vision application.

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