AO series: adaptive lens for fast focusing

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AO series

Dynamic industrial inspections need advanced technology to maintain focus in challenging applications . Adjusting the focus of a camera on a robot arm, or tracking items across the field of view, are common examples where active focusing is required. In order to help customers integrate the tunable lens as easily and quickly as possible, Opto Engineering® has created a small plug-and-play device with embedded optics and electronics.
The AO Series is a focusing module which can be mounted on the front or on the back of mostly of the fixed focal lenses available on the market to rapidly change focus plane. The focusing lens allows the user to refocus the lens faster than mechanically moving the lens with traditional motorized solutions.The built-in driver has been specifically developed to accurately control the piezoelectric elements. A demo user interface with basic control functions is available via a web browser interface. The lens can also be fully controlled with a dedicated .dll library

Key advantages

  • Fast
    The adaptive lens can change optical power in 1/100th of a second.
  • Simple
    Just attach the adaptive lens to a fixed focal lens, connect the power supply and ethernet cable and start focusing.
  • Compact
    The adaptive lens and driving electronics are integrated into a small housing that mounts to the front of your fixed focal length lens.

Application examples

Barcode reader

Barcode reader for the logistic industry

Macro inspection for electronic industry

Extended depth of field with macro inspection for the electronic industry

Discover how to make the most of our new AO series. Adjusting focus on the fly has never been so easy!

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