Opto Engineering, 15th years Anniversary Celebration

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Opto Engineering's founding members

Opto Engineering has been in business for 15 years and has taken the opportunity to present in Mantua the latest innovations in machine vision components, bringing together the industry’s leading players.

On Friday, September 29, at the Claudio Monteverdi Auditorium of the Lucio Campiani Conservatory in Mantua, five technical sessions dedicated to illuminators, telecentric optics and special 360 ° optics, entocentric and infrared optics, cameras, software and the first vision system artificial intelligence dedicated to the food industry called ALBERT® were carried out.

The company celebrated the anniversary by offering guests a Gala Dinner at the prestigious location of Ca’ degli Uberti in Piazza Sordello in Mantua, in the presence of important local and national personalities.

Watch the video of 15th years Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, September 30, at the end of the technical seminar, a management seminar was held by Andrea Vismara, founder of Opto Engineering, entitled “From Management to Mastery of the Risks in Industrial Automation” dedicated to how to sell automation thanks to risk.
Following that, the round table “HAI TECH? How Italian industry and enterprise grows and innovates” was held. Moderated by the technology expert at Il Sole 24 ORE Luca Tremolada, the round table brought together experts, consultants and academics to track the challenges of technology in the future of industry 4.0.
“Industry 4.0 does not just mean buying new machinery and new technologies,” said Luca Beltrametti, Director of the Department of Economics and Ordinary Microeconomics and Economic Policy at the University of Genoa – “but modifying production and organizational models, it has to change industrial culture. From our observatory, training at all levels is fundamental. It is important to continue on the road to tax incentives for the purchase of technologies, but we also need tax solutions that will encourage the development of aggregations and the growth of companies.”
“Building links between companies is also a form of innovation,” added Stefano Franchi, General Manager of Federmeccanica: “Small Italian companies have a formidable opportunity to grow by networking. But it needs training. Industrial policy must develop an environment that fosters innovation and re-evaluate the figure of the entrepreneur, and this can be done through training. Investing in people is one of the strategic factors of global competition.”
“In order to grow by exploiting innovation, it is necessary to consider at least the following three aspects,” said Bernoni Grant Thornton, Co-Managing Partner, Alessandro Dragonetti during his speech. “The first is that of the procedures: without the adoption of specific, scientific and defined protocols you cannot possibly imagine to be able to grow a company on the market. The second is that of managerial culture and training: Italy still suffers from a poor management culture of the enterprise, especially in relation to the often traumatic transition from the first to the next generations, with the latter often having incomplete preparation in the field of management. It is also necessary to make a significant effort in the field of training human resources called upon to operate on new technologies and their processes. Finally, a fundamental aspect is the regulatory one: fragmentary and inconsistent legislation does not facilitate the growth paths of businesses. These are the three aspects to be improved at the structural and systematic level.”
“We are condemned to grow and excel in what we do” – Claudio Sedazzari, founder and president of Opto Engineering, said in concluding the event – ours is the first real company in Italy to apply artificial intelligence to machine vision. This is possibly a result of the fact that we are always aiming higher, we team up with other companies and we know that innovation is made by people even before technologies do. The business in Italy must grow: to stop, sooner or later, means to disappear or sell to a foreign colossus, dispelling all the excellence and talents typically Italian.”

We warmly thank our customers, Mayor of Mantua Mattia Palazzi, Deputy Mayor Giovanni Buvoli, Councilor Andrea Murari and all the guests who attended the event. Special thanks go to Alessandro of Green Communication & Events and Novella of Antoniazzi Banqueting.

Day 1 – Friday, September 29

Gala Dinner – Friday, September 29, 8:30 pm

Day 2 – Saturday, September 30

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