Discover Opto Engineering 4/3″ 5X macro zoom motorized lenses

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MZMT5X series

We are proud to introduce our MZMT5X series, 5X continuous macro zoom lenses with motorized control designed to fit 4/3” detectors.

MZMT5X series motorized macro zoom lenses have been designed for applications where items of various sizes must be inspected with high resolution macro imaging.

Opto Engineering motorization design integrates three bipolar stepper motors that independently and respectively control zooming, focusing and iris with fine incremental movements and accurate repetitive positioning.

MZMT5X macro zoom lenses are complemented by dedicated stepper motor controller MTDV to be purchased separately.

Key Advantages

  • Motorized zoom, focus and aperture
  • Compact and robust design
  • High resolution macro imaging
  • Compatible MTDV controller design to drive MZMT5X stepper motors via Modbus RTU / USB or manual interface

Application examples

MZMT5X series Applications

To receive more information about MZMT5X series and our range of high power strobe lights please visit our website or contact our sales engineers.

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