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ENMT series

We are proud to introduce our ENMT series, fixed focal length lenses with automated adjustment of focus and aperture

These motorized lenses guarantee programmable precise and repeatable adjustment of both the aperture and focus to realize fully automated systems. ENMT is ideal for

  • installations where remote operation is necessary (e.g. in clean rooms where an operator cannot manually adjust the optical parameters),
  • installations requiring the possibility to change format, lighting conditions, working distance or even inspection task.

Additionally, different machines can be set with the exact same aperture/focus setting by automatically loading a pre-set configuration.

Opto Engineering motorization design integrates two bipolar stepper motors that respectively control focusing and aperture with fine incremental movements and accurate repeatable positioning.

Focus and aperture can be adjusted by means of a dedicated MTDV controller (to be ordered separately) specifically designed to drive up to three bi-polar stepper motors via Modbus RTU/USB or manually.

Key Advantages

  • motorized focusing and aperture for line and repeatble tuning of image focus and F-number setting
  • fully automated installations with remote operation possibility
  • compact and robust design
  • high optical resolution
  • compatible mtdv controller design to drive ENMT stepper motors via Modbus RTU / USB or manual interface

Application examples

ENMT applications

To receive more information about ENMT series and our range of high power strobe lights please visit our website or contact our sales engineers.

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