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Happy new year!

Opto Engineering is ready to hit 2014 running, with a company-wide change in how we describe and talk about our products.

As some of you already noticed, in the recent past our main website and printed documentation were completely overhauled, resulting in an all-new approach to our whole communication.

How we managed to do this? Very simple: first, we completely rebuilt from the ground up our knowledge framework and content management system…

(Yours Truly, Documentation manager, documenting.)

Second, we took the content from this knowledge base and used to produce web and printed pages. And then, we’ll bring it to you, to trade shows and customer visits!

(Elisa Guernieri, Marketing manager, with a giant blue cherry on her desk.)

For a technology company such as Opto Engineering, a clear and comprehensive communication plays a crucial role leading our customers to the right product for their needs and acting as the first line of technical support, with useful guidelines for product setup and deployment. It must be multi-language, too, because we like to be close to our customers, worldwide.

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