360° view optics, what’s going on?

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360° view optics, what's going on?

Our family of unique optics for 360° inspection is growing up. 

After delivering new products in the Telecentric , Macro and Multi Mag families it’s time to talk about our 360° family , home of many innovative products implementing the
not-so-innovative principle of doing more with less:
in this case, inspecting more object sides with less (just one) camera shots.

This time we don’t have just a new series to announce but a large-scale revamp of the whole family! We grabbed Massimo Castelletti, Product Manager of 360° view optics during this year’s Motek event, for a brief overview of these new additions:

Let’s take a closer look:


PCxx030XS PC 13030XS, PC 12030XS and PC 23030XS are new
light-weight pericentric lenses for the inspection of
cylindrical objects with diameter down to 7.5 mm,
now also available for high resolution 2/3” detectors.

The specific clamping mechanics CMHO 080 provides
excellent mechanical support to this product,
keeping it securely positioned.
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Our range of catadioptric lenses now includes
PCCD 023 for high resolution 2/3” detectors and
new accessory PCCDLFAT, which enables
PCCD lenses to image cylindrical objects with
even larger diameters maintaining
a very wide viewing angle. Read more →
CMHOPCCD are specifc clamping mechanics,
now available to securely hold in place PCCD optics.
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New PCHI 023, for high resolution 2/3” detectors,
is now available.
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New TCCAGE 12048 and TCCAGE 23048
bi-telecentric multi-mirror systems,
featuring a more robust design and boosted
lighting source, for fast on-line inspections.
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These additions perfectly complement an already winning product line, further boosting the accuracy and efficiency of machine vision based quality control systems.

For the full specifications, as well as product schematics, you can check out the product pages on our website.
Feel free to contact us with any inquiry for additional information, training sessions, feasibility tests and demo units.
Our sales engineers or local distributors will promptly help you to satisfy your requests.



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