Introducing MCZR macro revolver

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Introducing MCZR series: 4x macro revolver with motorized control

Our Multi Mag family is growing up, with the introduction of the MCZR motorized macro zoom optical system. It is a natural extension of the technology employed by the correspondingly-named TCZR, applied to a macro optical configuration.

This is a product designed for heavy-duty deployment, where objects of different sizes must be accurately imaged – print registration marks are a classic example, but also O-rings and courier package barcodes. Magnification changes can be automated (we provide a specific DLL) to further maximize efficiency.

Applications examples
Checking registration marks Quality inspection of different size objects Identification: package and code reading
For the full specifications, as well as product schematics, you can check out the product page on our website.Of course, you can contact us if you want to know more or maybe discuss a tricky deployment setup – our sales engineers are at your service!

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry for additional information, training sessions, feasibility tests and demo units. Our sales engineers or local distributors will promptly help you to satisfy your requests.

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