Close to our customers, worldwide

Posted on February 20, 2013 by


Close to our customers, worldwide from Opto Engineering on Vimeo.

You’ll hear “Close to our customers” quite frequently in the upcoming months. Four simple words, but they represent our new drive to grow out of our optical parts supplier niche.
Don’t think we are getting bored of designing and manufacturing excellent optical parts, quite the opposite, but we’re also determined to give the best customer service, period.
This changes the way we think about what we do: it is the difference between working for and working with our customers.
It will be no small change for us and all the company offices are involved, from R&D to marketing (that would be us – hi!).
The creation of our Chinese subsidiary, Deep View, is part of this initiative and more will follow; in the meantime, you can take a look at our Beyond the product video, outlining the key points of our approach to customer service.
Many thanks to awesome videographer Alessio Poma, scenographer and cherryist Andrea Piccinini, and of course the whole Opto Engineering crew!

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